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Organizing a vacation can be just as difficult as organizing a busy week of your everyday life. With our help, the planning will be simple. When planning to travel in Egypt, plan for the weather. In summer, the weather is hot, humid, dry. The most humid areas are along the Mediterranean coast. August can be especially hot. Winters, however, are quite nice. Be prepared for some rain, but primarily sunny days. The nights will be cold, so bring a jacket. Also important to note is that between March and May there could be isolated sand storms that may impact traveling. Learn more about what to plan during Egypt travel packages below.

What to eat during travel in Egypt

Next, Egyptian food is some of the best in the world. You'll want to experience all aspects - home cooking, amazing restaurants or local cafes when you travel in Egypt. Meals will range from stand-up sandwich shops to luxurious restaurants with 5 course meals. In general, the food and water are fine to consume in the cities, however, because of the change from everyday food, you may experience some stomach troubles if you aren't careful. Many dishes are simple and made with fresh fruits, vegetables. Between Egypt and Greece, travel will also include some Greek dishes that will tempt your palate.

Egypt and Greece Travel

Finally, when planning a multi-country trip, you must know what to see. Egypt and Greece travel centers around ancient temples, the pyramids and other ruins. Remember to bring extra film or additional memory cards for digital cameras. Because weather can turn on a dime, include several different types of clothing based on the season - lighter and heavier jackets and sweaters in winter, several light weight options for summer and no matter what the season, don't forget the sunglasses. Because a lot of time will be spent outdoors and on water, you will want to protect your eyes every day. Egypt travel packages can be fun, if you remember these simple rules.


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